Friday, June 8, 2007

leaving the chooks on their own overnight

As posted before, we're off to Seattle tomorrow for an overnight trip away from home (and coop). The neighbor we'd thought would "chook sit" for us winds up being out of town as well, so we'll have to leave the girls to their own devices.

The first two nights we had their eglu, I dutifully closed the door to keep them safe inside and opened it first thing in the morning to see them tumble over each other racing to the feeding trough.

I faced a dilemma last night once I found out we'd have no chook sitting help: find an emergency replacement? or leave the girls to fend for themselves with an open eglu door? (the run would stay closed, of course)

I decided to risk it last night and leave the eglu door open just to see how they'd do.

Turns out, they did just fine. For reasons unrelated to the chooks, I was up before dawn and was able to see when they finally rubbed their eyes and moseyed over to the feeding trough. Seems like there was no harm, no foul (fowl?) leaving the door open, so I feel ok leaving them to fend for themselves tomorrow night while we're out of town.

The "glug" and "grub" containers are big enough to hold at least a couple days' water and food (especially for seven-week-old pullets), so the only thing to worry about is that they'll somehow, some way knock over the glug container spilling all their water out the first day.

The construction is pretty solid, so I think we're going to be ok.

So happy to have the girls in the eglu instead of stuck in the wire cage in the house!


KrisRobinson said...

You KNOW I would chook sit for you anytime!

But good to know they can do it on their own. Just hope they don't scratch their way out! :0)

Unknown said...

Thanks, Kris. We'll keep you in mind should we take a longer time away from the coop. Babysitting chooks isn't nearly as glamorous as it sounds, tho: rising with the sun to let them out and feed/water them and then returning at sunset to close them in. Any "chasing them around the yard" you want to do is over-the-top (but enjoyed, I'm sure).


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