Monday, October 1, 2007

Surprise! same breed, different eggs

Eggs from two different chickens Just before I left for the airport, I heard Sophia squawking in the coop, and when I went to investigate, sure enough she'd just laid an egg!

A going away present? (no, just nice timing)

After placing the egg in the carton, I snapped this picture (to the right) that illustrates just how different-looking the eggs are, even though they're all from the same age (23 weeks) and breed (Barred Plymouth Rock) chicken.

Sophia's eggs are the darker, thinner ones in the top row. ZsuZsu's are the lighter, rounder ones in the bottom row. The egg on the left-most slot in each row is actually the first egg each of them laid for us (I still haven't gotten around to blowing them, yet).

Mind you, these aren't all the eggs they've given us, as we've eaten all but what's in the picture.

We'll keep track of how the eggs change over time, whether it's getting bigger or changing shape and/or color. For now, I'm just amazed that it's so easy to tell which egg came from which chicken!


Granny Annie said...

My goodness your eggs are beautiful! Fresh eggs make the absolute best everything!

Someday you will have to add an Araucana (Americauna) hen to your tiny flock so you can have Easter eggs. Their eggs are green, blue-green and pale pink. My grandchildren love to find those!

How many chickens will your Eglu accommodate?

brad said...

There's a picture in "Keep Chickens with a nest-full of eggs from different breeds and it looks like an Easter basket. Interesting that yours are so different just from two Rocks.

We went to visit of urban-chicken keeper down in Sunnyvale. She has a Silkie and an Ameraucana. The Ameraucana's eggs are pastel blue-green, like Annie mentioned above.

Laura said...

Great eggs. I too love the fact that you can tell which egg came from which girl. And that they're not always the color you'd expect from looking at the hen. Enjoy your egg bounty.


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