Sunday, November 11, 2007

chicken farmers everywhere!

Just got back from a business trip to New York City, and I was quite surprised to find out that two folks I've known for several years grew up in households that raised chickens.

These were friends I haven't seen in a year or so, and when they asked what I've been up to, I of course talked about Sophia and ZsuZsu and this Urban Chickens blog.

Our conversations immediately went back to their childhoods and their experiences growing up with chickens in the backyard and how delightful it is to eat fresh eggs all the time.

Is this a  phenomenon where the vast majority of us have chicken farming in our background but no context in which it can come up in regular conversation?

I'm almost tempted to start a Chicken Farmers group on FaceBook just to see how many chickens are in my social graph.

If and when I create the group (maybe over Thanksgiving?), I'll post the link here.

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Linda Ziskind, Principal said...

I sent you a jpg of my "fresh eggs" sign. I'm so taken with the eglu that I'm planning to buy one this spring and get back into the family business. Ah, to once again hear the cackling of the girls

Unknown said...

hooray! glad to hear you're getting back in the business.

Great "fresh eggs" sign... I'll have to make me one for the front gate :-)

Paige said...

Great blog & pictures...I am a fellow chicken fan, just started getting my first (beautiful) eggs from my Araucanas....Thanks to Linda Z for sending me your way. Definitely start that Facebook group :-)

Granny Annie said...

Egg production has dropped in half. As soon as the weather turns cold, my chickens experience some kind of shock and I get fewer eggs. I just hate it when their nests are empty. Also, your chickens might not be affected, but mine are moulting now and look so ugly. My Australorps and my Rhode Island Reds are the saddest looking ones.

Unknown said...

Hi Paige, welcome to the Urban Chickens blog! This week I attended a great session on maximizing the value of Facebook, so look for the Urban Chickens page link soon :-)

And Granny Annie, we don't have any molting going on here (yet), and I wonder what effect the mild climate here in the Bay Area will have on the timing. No slowdown in egg production, either (fingers crossed). You planning to memorialize the molting in pictures?

Granny Annie said...

I have posted a picture of one of my molting hens. I am happy to report egg production was back up this morning but we're expecting another freeze which might slow things down again. Our family might frown at us if we don't supply everyone with enough eggs on Thanksgiving! We've got them all spoiled.


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