Friday, January 11, 2008

Chicago's Chicken Lady makes a difference!

It was with a big smile on my face that I read the can't-miss article, "Don't Call Her Chicken,"in today's Chicago Sun Times.

Why the smile? The article and its accompanying video is all about how Linda, a regular commenter here on the Urban Chickens blog, is making a difference in the fight to keep chickens legal in Chicagoland.

I've gotten to know Linda through her comments here on the blog, and I can see that she's just as enthusiastic about urban chicken farming in Illinois as we are in California. After all this time communicating by text, it's delightful to actually see her (and Maisy, Betty and Selma) interviewed in the video. Although all that snow on the Eglu makes me shiver!

If I had to think of an ambassador for the Urban Chicken movement, I'd put Linda's name at the top of the list.

Keep up the great work, Linda! Let us know how we can help you keep your chooks legal in Chicago.


Anonymous said...

Great article and great video. Thanks for sharing Thomas. Keep up the good work Linda. We're rooting for you and your hens out here in Phoenix.

Linda said...

Thanks for all the kind remarks, Thomas! I had a fun get together with other Chicago "chicken advocates" over the weekend. Some of these folks have chickens now and others have been laying plans for the spring (no pun intended!). We're all continuing to push for a firm resolution to this situation. At this point, it's sort of in limbo, and could theoretically pop back up at any time.

Shannon Sullivan said...

What's the best way to stay updated on chicken laws in Chicago? Is there a Chicago Urban Chicken Online Community somewhere? My husband and I will be buying our own place next year and hope to have some space to get a flock of our own. Thanks!


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