Friday, January 4, 2008

what happens to chooks in a downpour

With today's wild, wet and windy weather lashing us here in the Bay Area, LeftCoastMom has shared the lessons she learned trying to save our two chickens from themselves, including:
  1. Chickens don't like rain.
  2. Chickens don't dislike rain enough to resist the potentially suicidal temptation to dig a lake under their food bowls.
  3. Twice.
  4. The bucket of mulch I had been planning to put in the garden was perfect for filling in Lake Sophia/ZsuZsu.
You'll have to go over to her original post to finish the list...


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year. Hope Sophia & ZsuZsu weather the storm ok. Silly girls should be inside the Eglu, not making lakes in the run. Haven't vlogged my 2 girls much lately, we're just sort of in the home stretch for that first egg. Also the URL to the vlog has changed, just incase you were wondering, we're still here. Cheers. -Bradly, Cochie & HennyPenny.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year, Bradly (and Cochie and HennyPenny)!

I'll print out your comment and show it to my girls to see if they'll listen to you (at least).

Can't wait to see videos of your first egg.

CJ said...

Happy New Year to you and your chooks.

Your blog has helped me decide to get an Eglu (the chickens were already a given..). I ordered it this weekend but the chicks won't ship until February.

I won't have to worry about warmth outside until next winter but did you have any issues with near freezing temps? I'm glad to hear Sophia and ZsuZsu were ok.

Did you get thunder and lightning today? I'm in MP and it was LOUD! I would think chickens would be unsettled by it.


Unknown said...

Hey CJ, great to hear you'll be getting an Eglu with your chicks!

The girls didn't seem to be fazed at all by the storm, either the rain, the wind or the thunder. They've shown no problems with the frosty mornings, either.

They're much hardier than I imagined (look for an upcoming post about this).

Look forward to reading about your own adventures in urban chicken farming... I'm thinking of trying to get a Meetup going for Peninsula urban chicken folks to swap stories, advice, etc... any interest?

brad said...

Our girls were wet over the weekend too. They didn't dislike the wet enough to stay in their "hen house", so they huddled under it during the wind on Friday. Of course they wanted to get out and run around in the wet grass and also wanted to scratch in the straw and compost I put out on the weekend.


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