Saturday, January 26, 2008

hottest draw: poultry or hockey?

While scanning my Google News feeds, I came across this article at that combines two of my loves: hockey and chickens.

The title of the article in question? Southern fried: Chickens outdraw all-stars. Of course, I had to click through to read what it was about... chicken dinners for the players? a secret recipe for fried chicken that Ron Wilson's kept stashed in his suit pocket all these years? a comparison of hot and tender southern biscuits against their cold, black vulcanized pucks of similar size?

Nope. None of the above. As I'd suspected, any article about chickens on a sports site can't be good news, and this one surely is not good news (to us hockey fans, that is).

Turns out both the NHL All-Stars game and the 2008 International Poultry Expo (IPE08 to those in the know) are being held back-to-back in Atlanta this year. IPE08 just ended yesterday while All-Star festivities started last night.

The IPE08 accounted for 25,000 hotel room nights over its three day run.
The NHL All-Star game counts for 6,700 hotel room nights this weekend.

The chooks outdraw the pucks by a country mile. Go figure!

If only I'd known the events were running back-to-back, I'd have contributed hotel room nights in both columns... talk about a dream trip!

I've already marked my calendar for IPE09 to be held in Atlanta next January, as well (Atlanta has hosted it for the last 60 years). Anyone want to join me?

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