Monday, January 7, 2008

more praise for farm fresh eggs

While the Delphos Herald isn't on the usual path of my web wanderings, Google Alerts let me know of this great little blog post extolling the virtues of farm fresh eggs.
Last week I got the surprise of my life (well, almost) when I went to my favorite meat market to buy those farm fresh eggs. The price of a dozen eggs had gone up higher than I ever dreamt of. It was $2.15 per dozen. We talk about gas prices but it seems like everything has gone up … they say the price of milk will soon be over the top.

One customer commented, while I was buying eggs, that they will be going up more … because of something that happened in Georgia. Maybe the drought. I blame it on Ethanol and the price of grain. Those chickens have to eat. I know the price of eggs is up in the supermarket, too. It’s just the way it goes.

Someone asked me “Why do you go to the locker to get your eggs? An egg is an egg!!! No … an egg is not just an egg.

Farm fresh eggs are always better than ordinary eggs. Eggs used to be even better when the chickens could run loose and be happy.
As the proud owner of some happy chickens, I can attest to how yummy these eggs are.

And here in California, that $2.15 a dozen is a bargain at the store... I'm seeing $3.25 and over for the free range stuff at the local Whole Foods.

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