Saturday, May 31, 2008

how does a chick develop inside the egg?

Thanks to Mark over at, I found this great photo series on chronicling the development of a chick inside the egg.

(warning: those squeamish about these detailed things should steady yourself before clicking through to the series)

I'm surprised to see how the embryo grows in the albumen (white) of the egg and how it feeds off the yolk repleat with blood vessels into the yolk over time. Yet all this sliminess ends in a cute little peeping fluff-ball we call a "chick."

For the curious: the whole process takes 21 days from fertilization to hatching.

Amazing what you'll find on the web, no?

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Steven Walling said...

Yeah, this is interesting. But the knowledge has been around for a long, long time. Apparently Aristotle was the first to dissect an egg at each of the 21 days of incubation.


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