Wednesday, January 28, 2009

help: urban chickens to be outlawed in San Clemente?

I just got an email from Christopher Coyle down in San Clemente, CA (in Orange County: map) with a heads up that the City Council is preparing to outlaw urban chickens at their February 3 meeting.

The Orange County Register has the story. Last week, the Council introduced an ordinance to prohibit ducks, roosters, pigs, chickens, cows goats, horses and sheep. Animals on the prohibited list being kept as pets would have to be removed from the city 30 days after the ordinance passes... if it does.

Once again, chickens are getting lumped in with all the other barnyard animals, and, as the OCRegister reports, Rick Gilliland of the Coastal Animal Services Authority (animal control) says:
"Most cities regulate and/or prohibit these types of farm-type animals in residential areas," Gilliland. "On occasion they create a material detriment to the use, enjoyment or valuation of properties in close proximity to where the animals are being kept."

There can be noise, odors, flies, insects and other nuisance issues "that can quickly create an exasperating situation for neighbors," Gilliland said.
This is true of any animal, isn't it? Aren't we talking about responsible animal ownership, period?

Christopher currently has a kennel permit to keep his 6 chickens and he plans to show up at the Council meeting on February 3 to defend his chickens.

If you're in the San Clemente area, join Christopher at the meeting (email me to get in touch with him).

If you can't make it to San Clemente but want to share your positive urban chickens experience with the City Council to keep them from doing the wrong thing, contact City Hall at 949-361-8200.

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Unknown said...

Christopher Coyle is a man among boys. Eggs are part of many an American's breakfasting habits. If people can home grow fresh basil and lettuce, why not eggs?

I live in an area where the all-too-common pet is the "snack dog". You know the type - the ones that your cat can beat up. I'm more offended by the yapping and peeing of these so called "dogs" than I could ever be by the ooooo so loud clucking and walking of a chicken.

Please... get a grip, San Clemente. Outlaw the Shih Tzu before outlawing the Chic ken.

Christian Ellis
East Village, San Diego


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