Saturday, January 10, 2009

urban chickens on NPR

Listening to NPR's All Things Considered today and wouldn't you know it, I heard a rooster crow!

The rooster in question was background noise on Megan Verlee's segment called City Folk Flock To Raise Small Livestock at Home exploring the urban chicken phenomenon in Colorado.

While nothing she's reporting is new to readers of this blog (although I'm behind on reporting the efforts in Longmont, CO, to get an urban chicken ordinance adopted), it's great to hear a story on the radio about folks keeping urban chickens!

You can listen to the story via the Listen Now link at the top of this page.


Bad Wolf said...

Well gosh, I was just going to tell you about this story... so instead I'll tell you about the one in the Globe and Mail:

Urban hen enthusiast's idea comes home to roost
A Kamloops woman has persuaded the city to examine a pilot project that has some residents crying fowl
January 12, 2009

Thanks for being the Urban Chicken Story Keeper!

Wendy said...

I heard this story on KCFR Denver and it inspired my latest Conflict Geek blog post, about using conflict resolution tools to help us have productive conversations before they become contentious. I posted a few tips and techniques specific to introducing your hen plans to your neighbors. It's entitled "Talk Before They Squawk" and can be found at:

I'd love to hear what you think of my suggestions, and what your experience has been with introducing your urban chicken plans to your neighbors!


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