Monday, January 14, 2008

another 50 pounds of chicken feed into the bin

We opened up another fifty pound bag of Purina Layena Crumbles, so it's time for my usual "I just bought food, how much does a yard-fresh egg cost us?" post:

With this bag of food, our girls have now consumed one hundred fifty pounds of laying feed in the four months since our first egg back on September 8, 2007.

Doing a little back-of-the hand calculation, that means we'll go through almost a quarter ton of chicken feed in a year. At $12 per 50-lb bag, that means we'll be paying approximately $120 in feed costs for a year's worth of eggs.

If our two girls continue to average a dozen eggs a week between them, we'll be looking at approximately 50 dozen eggs over that year.

That means each dozen will cost us approximately $2.40 (leaving out the sunk costs to purchase their Eglu).

Not a bad price for a dozen delicious eggs!

Oh, and I noticed something odd on my receipt from San Mateo Pet Supply (where I buy our chicken feed). I'd decided to treat the girls with a couple pounds of hen scratch in addition to the Layena Crumbles.

While the Crumbles were not taxed, the hen scratch was taxed. What up with that? I guess chicken snacks are like people snacks: taxable!


brad said...

I've been buying self-serve pellets and hen scratch from there, but haven't noticed the tax issue. I'll have to look, actually, today.

Now that at least of our birds is laying, they have been eating MORE than they have thus far. I had calculated that it would take about 3 months to go through a 50-lb bag at their (now) previous rate. If they increase their intake once both of them start laying, then I think we'll start buying by the big bag too. They eat a lot.

Linda said...

Lucky you! We get taxed on everything here.

Funny, but I don't seem to be going through feed at the same rate.

My 3 hens are only on our 3rd 50-lb bag right now. Of course, I do supplement their diets with lots of scraps from the kitchen (greens, peelings, etc.), a bit of scratch (still on the same 50-lb bag), and in the summer/fall they were allowed to eat anything in the yard they could catch!


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