Thursday, February 19, 2009

arguments in favor of urban chickens

Thanks to Monona Doug, (he of the model urban chicken ordinance) we get a chance to read a very well-reasoned letter from one of the local alders explaining why he's in favor of legalizing urban chickens in Monona, Wisconsin.

Alder Chad Speight's letter to the Citizens of Monona starts:
I have to confess that urban chickens are new to me. My first reaction to the topic a few years ago was skepticism. I had visions of barns, haystacks, mud; and I envisioned lots of noise, clutter, and mess. I share this story, because I have since learned that my preconceptions were wrong. The fact is that urban chickens, regulated in a reasonable manner, create a healthy, diverse, and more self-sufficient community. I understand why some citizens are hesitant, but I am confident that urban chickens are a good fit in Monona, for many reasons.
You'll have to read the rest of his missive to see how he supports his reasons one by one (Monona Doug has done a great job of highlighting the salient points in his post of the letter).

Looking for how to support the reasons behind your own urban chicken efforts? Alder Speight's letter should be seen as a great resource to help your cause.

(Here's hoping Monona does, indeed, legalize urban chickens soon.)

UPDATE: MaryBeth shared with me a great back-and-forth she had addressing the concerns a neighbor worried at the expansion of urban chickens (legally) in Boulder, CO. Lots of great information packed in the post, and you've really got to admire her diplomacy skills. Thanks MaryBeth!

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