Tuesday, February 17, 2009

urban chickens now legal in Durham, NC (holy smokes!)

Didn't think this was the update I'd be giving here, but the Durham City Council just unanimously approved urban chickens inside city limits! From the Indy Week Triangulator blog:
the big news of the night was City Council’s approval of an amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance, allowing backyard chickens within city limits. The 7-0 vote, which came as a surprise to many, arrived after months of contentious debate. (Read our previous coverage here.) Look for the Indy’s write-up in tomorrow’s paper, and online at indyweek.com.
The News & Observer reports over 60 urban chicken supporters were on hand at the meeting and broke out in applause at the results of the vote. Evidently, Durham city councilman Eugene Brown said, "what it really comes down to is a question of freedom and that's what Durham is about. Live and let live."

More details as they're available, but if you look back at my previous posts about the ridiculous urban chicken debate in Durham you'll see why I'm surprised, yea, delighted, to report this news.

Hooray for urban chickens in Durham! And kudos to the City Council for coming to their senses and doing the right thing.

UPDATE: Indyweek has the full story on its site now. Great to see how educational a process this was for all involved. Here's hoping the Chapel Hill Town Council sees the matter similarly and passes its own urban chicken ordinance.


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