Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a chicken's life inside the battery cage

The folks at Animal Visuals have put together an interactive media experience (embedded below) that allows you to see and hear what it's like to be a chicken in a battery cage. Mind you, this is the experience that 300 million egg-laying chickens are forced to endure here in the USA their entire lives.

See the Animal Visual page for the list of facts about battery farming or download the battery cage facts PDF here.

More than ever, I'm convinced we need to find a way to legalize urban chickens across the country to get our birds out of conditions such as this.

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KatoChicks said...

I've been familiar with battery cages and the horrible conditions these birds are forced to live in for some time. What I have learned about more recently, but would like to learn more is the conditions that cage-free and free-range hens live in.

We buy free-range when local isn't available, but from what I am reading it may be better than a battery cage, but not as much as it sounds.

Have you seen any good resource on this?


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