Monday, February 2, 2009

where can I keep urban chickens?

I've been looking for a good, comprehensive list of cities that allow for urban chickens, and of all the lists I've seen (like this one on Mother Earth News), Katy has the biggest list of laws over on her site: The City Chicken.

Now, it's not a perfect list, mind you (I've been able to spot some discrepancies just in the few laws I already know by heart), but it's the best thing we have going. She recently sorted the laws by state (they used to be in a largely unordered list), and it's made for a great leap forward in usability

My ideas for improving it?
  • Include a link to the city on a map
  • Include population info for the city
  • Include a link to the municipality's ordinance to see the actual law
  • Datestamp the law to show when it was added to the list
How else might you improve the list?

I ask because I'm working on a side project re: urban chicken laws and am trying to get a sense of what folks most find useful in researching existing or planned urban chicken ordinances.

Thanks for the input!


UrbanWorkbench said...

It could also link to news articles or blog posts about chickens in those regions to help people connect.

Unknown said...

Great idea! Will happily include that info in the resource. (look for it to launch around President's Day weekend)

Greg said...

Great Blog.

I'm moving soon and will hopefully be able to keep chickens at our next house. So this list is a great resource. When you finish working on the side project, will you be posting a link?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the gentle nudge, F_M, I got distracted from the resource and will push to get it to a place I can share with everyone in the next week or so.

And I'll most definitely be making it public.


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