Thursday, May 17, 2007

the allure of the chicken coop

Of course the article in today's Wall Street Journal titled For Sale: Condo W/Chicken Coop caught my eye.

We'll be purchasing our Eglu this week for the girls to move into at the end of the month, and I've got all-things-chicken-coop on the brain.

I'd clicked through to the article thinking it'd be about Urban Chicken farming, but instead it's talking about a new trend where developers are teaming up with small-scale working farms to get city slickers to live greener while not giving up the comforts of the city.

Caveat for prospective buyers in the article:
For city folks, moving to a farm can require some adjustment. Such projects generally have small-scale organic agriculture, such as vegetable fields, chicken coops or a limited number of cattle. Residents must be willing to accept the rumble of tractors, natural grasses instead of a manicured front lawn and land-management activities, such as an annual "prairie burn" in which surrounding fields are set afire to rid them of nonnative species. They may also have to deal with the smells from the chicken coop.
Here's an idea, why not bring the farm to you? Plant a vegetable garden (in containers if you have to), get an Eglu and a couple chooks, and participate in a CSA . All the benefits of living on/near a farm without any of the caveats above. Give it a try!

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