Thursday, May 3, 2007

how to raise your chicks

These are the instructions given out via a photocopy of a hand-written page to all first-time chick buyers from the folks at Half Moon Bay Feed & Fuel

Chicks need: Feed, water, heat, light & space

1 day to 8 weeks:
  • chick starter (20-22% protein)
8 weeks to 20 weeks:
  • laying crumble (15-17% protein)
  • chick grit
  • chick scratch
20 weeks and older:
  • laying crumble (15-17% protein)
  • chick grit
  • chick scratch
  • oyster shell

Chicks should have fresh water at all times and should drink out of a chick waterer to prevent drowning

Heat, light and Space:
The temperature in the center of the cage should be 90 degrees the first week. Reduce the temperature 5 degrees per week until you get to 70 degrees. Then they shouldn't need any more heat. Make sure they have enough space in their cage to get away from the heat should they become too warm. We believe a heat lamp and a wire cage is the best way to provide heat, light and space for your chicks.

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