Saturday, May 26, 2007

my eglu purchase experience so far

As posted earlier, I placed our order for an Eglu from the nice folks at Omlet USA on Monday night.

From previous experience, I knew that I wouldn't be able to pay for it over the web, and that I'd most likely be getting a call the next day asking for my credit card detail. Sure enough, just like the first time I placed an order (which I wound up canceling due to the lack of Gingernut Ranger pullets), I got a call from Claire at Omlet UK.

Claire's got exactly the kind of British accent you'd expect when talking to someone from the UK. Her pleasant demeanor was enhanced by little British-isms that peppered our interaction (the DHL lorrie will deliver our Eglu, etc), and her customer service tact was clearly a cut above the usual American-based call center order fulfillers I've had to interact with.

The explanation from Claire of how the Eglu order will be fulfilled:
  • with my payment in hand, the Iowa-based Eglu manufacturer will create our Eglu, and the process should take a couple days
  • I'll get a call from Omlet (or would you prefer an email? yes, an email would be better, thanks) with a tracking number when the Eglu is ready to ship via DHL lorrie
  • It should take the order a week to arrive in California, and it'll come in two boxes: one box will have the Eglu, the other will house the wire run and accessories
  • Thanks so much for your order, good day!
Let's see... that was Tuesday, add a couple days for manufacture and that's Friday at the latest, so... where's my tracking number?

A quick check of the Eglu-owners community hosted on the Omlet web site shows that I'm not the first to be impatient about an outstanding order.

Perhaps Claire should under-promise and over-deliver by saying manufacture will take a week (even if it's really only a two-day process) and send the tracking number pleasantly early.

Then again, maybe the DHL lorrie is already on its way to me and the Omlet folks simply forgot to email me the tracking number. I hope that's the case, as the girls now are the size of big pigeons, and the brooder's getting a wee bit cramped.

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