Sunday, May 13, 2007

comparing chick sizes

ZsuZsu in the foreground, hunting bugs
Thanks to the "barredrock" tag on Flickr, I'm backing off my original assessment that the chicks are older than claimed by the Feed store from which we bought them.

Take a look at Cafe Mama's picture of her Barred Rock named "Twitter" and you can see what a four-week-old chick looks like.

Compare that with pictures of ZsuZsu and Sophia taken yesterday, and I'd say our girls are still a few days shy of four weeks.

Glad to see all the folks out there raising chicks of their own!


Betty said...

Hey Thomas, your chicks are beautiful and I think you're right on with the age. I got your note on my site. Our barred rock died last weekend, broke my heart. I guess I'll never be a real farmer as I'm a big sap. Anyway, check it out and you'll see Betty's new sister...

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear the news, Betty, but glad you got another little one to keep Audrey happy. Beautiful markings on her, btw, I wish we'd had more chicks to choose from before getting Sophia and ZsuZsu, but I wouldn't trade them in now that we've got 'em.


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