Tuesday, May 8, 2007

chicks getting real big and moving on up

Seeing how quick the chicks grow, I can't believe that Big Ag supplements the food for their chickens so they grow even faster than ours. It's starting to sink in just how big these girls will be in just a couple more months. Hard to believe they were inside an egg just three weeks ago.

And the chicks have outgrown their first home-made brooder already.

I thought we'd be able to keep them in the 10-gallon fish tank (with a screened-lid) for the rest of the month, but with our sudden heat wave, there just wasn't enough circulation in the tank for them to keep cool enough.

Funny that my biggest concern was getting them enough heat by way of the infra-red lamp, and now we're faced with their being overheated.

So Mel went to the local Feed & Supply store (San Mateo Pet Supply over on El Camino Real) and picked up a wire bunny cage yesterday and moved the girls in before the day got hot yesterday.

And wouldn't you know, the chicks actually look like they sprouted up another inch in all directions last night.

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