Wednesday, May 2, 2007

chicks growing before our eyes

Conceptually, I understand that in order for a chick to break out of its egg and become a seven-pound hen in four months, there's got to be an amazing rate of growth day in and day out.

Practically, I had no idea I'd literally be able to see the difference day over day.

I attributed the noticeable growth from Day 1 at our house to Day 2 as a simple matter of "they're just walking around the brooder bigger because they're more comfortable now that they've spent a night in their new home."

I can't attribute comfort-with-surroundings for the now-noticeable ridge of bumps that will eventually become the comb (cf this chicken anatomy illustration). They weren't there on Day 1.

I'm also starting to notice a difference in size between the two chicks, and I'm hoping that's just a genetic difference between the two pullets and not the early signs that I've got a "brother and sister" instead of two sisters. Stand by!

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