Sunday, May 13, 2007

chicks outdoors for the first time

We took the girls out to the backyard yesterday to let them out into the yard, uncaged, for the first time.

They had a ball scratching the mulch and looking for edibles.

Hannah spent a lot of time picking flowers to give to the chicks (they ignored them much to Hannah's consternation).

Charlotte actually spent a lot of time petting the chicks, which is a milestone in and of itself because up until now, Charlotte had shown interest in the chicks until they came close and then she'd shy away.

The short video below shows Left Coast Mom helping Charlotte "hold" ZsuZsu, albeit briefly.

(note: this is the third try to make the video appear. I decided to take it into iMovie and add a title and compress the ever-loving heck out of it before uploading to YouTube.)

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