Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the golden rules of raising chickens

I've recently made a new acquaintance named Ashis, a fellow poultry-raiser who happens to live in Chad. (Follow along on his Bahai Beach blog)

He reassured me that chickens are remarkably easy to handle and he shared with me his golden rules for raising chooks:

  1. As one of my Mexican friends revealed the most important secrets: Sing for them every morning... They really like it and in no time eggs will be piling up.
  2. Consistency, chooks are birds of habit. Here in Chad whenever bombing takes place I need to nurture their bruised souls. I gather your life in a city is slightly calmer in the US but you never know. Cars & boisterous neighbors influence the mental state of mind
  3. Foods, only the best will do!
  4. Spacious area so the pecking order does not get out of control
I've noticed our chicks respond to Left Coast Mom in a more accepting manner than they do to me, and I think it's because she sings to the birds at night (but don't tell her I told you).

I'll take these rules to heart, and embrace the way Ashis signed his note:
May you be flooded in eggs.

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